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2015 Year End Update

Posted by akentuckycreation on February 2, 2016


Can you believe that in September Manna entered into year “8”???? I can’t.  Every year when I compile the end of year numbers I am overwhelmed at what God is doing.  None of this could be possible if we did not have the wonderful support of our many volunteers. We have approximately 150 volunteers.  Almost half of those volunteers are NOT associated with NUMC, which makes this a truly ecumenical and community Outreach.

Through the end of November 2015 we have served over 9,000 meals in 2015.  That is an average of 194+  meals per week. We had to close one Saturday because of the boiler breaking.  Several of those weeks I had to estimate the number of meals since I was having some health issues, so I am sure the number was much higher.

The second week of January, 2015 we served meal number 50,000.  Through the end of November we have served an estimated 58, 923 meals.  Approximately 30-40% of those meals are takeout meals that the diners take home for another meal during the week.

None of this could be possible without the continued support of volunteers and monetary contributions.  Several different businesses and churches continue to support this ministry through their financial contributions, but many of the donations come from YOU, the members of NUMC and the volunteers.  How to finance this call was my greatest concern, and as always God has provided.

Because of donations of food from many different sources we have been able to keep our food costs down this year, despite rising food costs.  We are still averaging an estimated $1.00 per meal.

Beyond the numbers, lives are being touched.  We have people asking for prayer, you can see smile that were not there before.  Some people are engaging in sharing some needs in their lives. We now have several of our diners who are now attending church at NUMC.  Recently our Children’s Director had lunch at an elementary school and one of the young persons at the table (not the student she was visiting) shared that NUMC was the church where he went to eat on Saturday.  We have had several diners recently that shared they are living in the woods and are homeless.  Manna is making a difference in people’s lives, not only with food, but with showing Christ’s love and hopefully planting seeds that will grow the Kingdom.


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Return to Manna

Posted by akentuckycreation on August 1, 2015

Due to recent serious health issues I have not been able to attend Manna.  The volunteer teams did an amazing job in keeping the meal up and running.  Today I was able to attend to visit with the diners.  It was great to be back.  Hopefully my energy level will return soon so I can be of use again.  I really miss cooking.  I have been reading a lot of cookbooks while I have been recovering, so I have some great new ideas for meals.  If you are in the Jessamine Co., Kentucky area come out and join us.  We can always use an extra pair of hands.

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Milestone Meal – 50,000 served

Posted by akentuckycreation on February 2, 2015

The first week of January of 2015 Manna served meal number 50,000.  One of our regular diners was the 50,000th meal.  He was so proud.  We asked permission to take his picture and he was thrilled.  He is a group of mentally challenged diners that comes almost every week with his sponsor.  He was very excited that his picture was going to be in the local newspaper.  Although Manna is completely funded by donations the monies continue to be received.  God is so faithful.  Our contributions from personal donors have been down this past year, but we have had some donations from businesses, donations of food and some very generous personal diners who have sustained the program. I am so appreciative to be a small part of this ministry which God is providing.  Many people are being blessed with a hot meal, but also warm fellowship and love.  If you would like to be a part of this wonderful program you can contact me through this blog or our church at:  859-885-4481.  Looking forward to what 2015 will bring.

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A Christmas Miracle

Posted by akentuckycreation on January 2, 2015

Jim walks every morning up and down our street. We have a decorative mailbox by our front steps. This morning he felt like he needed to look into the mailbox. He saw an envelope inside. He unlocked the box and there was a bank envelope. He said it felt like cash. He took the envelope downstairs and when he turned it over the word MANNA was on the top of the sealed area. When he opened the envelope he counted $316.00 in cash. We have no idea where it came from. We both said that was an odd amount and then it dawned on us: 3:16 – John 3:16 ” For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Money for Manna just seems to keep coming in: Praise God, but this unexpected gift was amazing. You be the judge as to where it came from. We have no idea. We did not see anyone or hear any cars. Amazing also that Jim looked in the mailbox. That box is not used for our mail. Just another Christmas Miracle.

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Update on Manna

Posted by akentuckycreation on December 22, 2014

We are approaching 50,000 meals either by the end of this month or early in January. Can you believe it. God is so good and through Manna you have blessed so many people. It is still not too late to make a donation and I do have tax forms available so you can claim this as a charitable donation. Thank you to everyone who volunteers and donations. This would not be possible without everyone’s help. I am blessed to be a small part of this. Hands and Feet, and as a friend says, Let’s Go.

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Year End Tax Donation

Posted by akentuckycreation on November 29, 2014

Went to Manna today. What a blessing. We had a large number of volunteers, but we needed all of them. They served a total of 236 meals, which is huge for a normal Saturday. Our numbers are growing. The economy and the cold weather are bringing more and more people. If you are thinking about donating to a non-profit before the end of the year, we can provide you with tax donation forms. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. This meal is totally funded by donations. We are able to provide the meals for about $1.00 per meal, but with our numbers increasing the cost is over $800.00 per month. Everyone has been very generous in the past and I trust that God will continue to provide the funding for this Outreach Ministry of his.

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Manna Update

Posted by akentuckycreation on November 17, 2014


This is definitely God’s ministry.  I have had some serious health issues the past year, but the ministry has continued without missing a beat.  God continues to provide volunteers and monetary support.  I am so thankful to be a small part of this meal.  The volunteers have really stepped up and continued.  I always knew that this was not MY ministry, but some others felt that I had to be there.  The past few months has proven that God is in charge.

The number of meals that we are serving each week has increased to an average of 200 each week.  We have had a few weeks that went over 300 meals.  We have had a lot of food donated this year and with smart shopping we have still been able to keep the cost of our meals to approximately $1.00 for each meal.  Through the end of October we…

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Fringe Blessings

Posted by akentuckycreation on July 7, 2013

Manna continues to be a blessing to me, the volunteers and of course the people who come for a meal. This past year we have begun witnessing additional blessings that are pouring through this ministry. Our congregation is getting to know each other. We have three services, so it is difficult for us to meet people from the other service times. Since people from all services come together at Manna this has definitely brought our NUMC family closer together.

We have seen one young man who came with his mother blossom. He would come in a hoodie and sit alone in a chair and play his video game. He has since taken his GED, has a full time job and is now volunteering on one of the cook teams. The love and support that he received from the many Manna volunteers has brought him out of his shell and given him the self confidence to journey into adult hood.

Another young man (teenager) who had some problems had to do 20 hours of community service. His grandmother brings hims to the meals. We have had others who were there to work for service hours for various reasons and most of them just stand around and you can tell they wish they were somewhere else. This young man is wonderful. He does whatever we ask with a very cheerful attitude. One week we were very short of volunteers. He was exceptional that day, taking out garbage, cleaning, etc. I told him that he had been an answer to prayer and his face literally glowed. His grandmother wept when she told me what a blessing coming to the meal to serve had been to him. He has a hard life and Manna is a place where he is accepted, loved and appreciated.

One of our recent volunteers completed a project of talking with many of the Manna diners and then compiling a book with their likes, dislikes, etc. One thing that was very touching is that many of them said they liked coming because they were treated with kindness and dignity. That has always been our intent, but it is so rewarding to know that they are feeling that love of Christ also.

Manna is truly a blessing to me and I thank God for using me in this ministry. If you want to become part of something amazing contact me via this blog or you can call our church office at: 859-885-4481. Blessings.

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Record Number of Meals

Posted by akentuckycreation on March 5, 2013

I have neglected this blog for too long.  I did my yearly updates this week.  Manna served over 9,000 meals in 2012.  In February we surpassed 30,000 meals since the program began in September of 2008.  We averaged 184 meals per week last year.  That was an increase of 14 diners per week over 2011.  Our food costs still remain low because of so much food being donated this past year.  A great volunteer team and donations from the community make this possible each week.  Praise God.  I can’t wait to see what God has planned for 2013.

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Video about Manna

Posted by akentuckycreation on November 5, 2012

Hi my name is David Dorn, and I am with the PREPOSTEROUS Bible study. A few months ago, my team filmed Manna Ministries to highlight their work in one of our Bible study videos. I told those working the meals that day, that I would send the church the video when it launched so they could see it. Well we launched the video today and it looks great.

I want to thank everyone at Manna Ministries for their support for this video. May God bless all of your work!

God Bless,
David Dorn

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